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Challenge coins emerged as popular keepsakes throughout the military decades ago, and the tradition continues today with their use among professional organizations, civic groups, Fortune 500 Companies, sports teams and more. A time honored icon among the Army, Navy, Air Force, US Marines and Coast Guard members is now a gold standard in group recognition and identification.

Coins Your Way is proud to offer these custom coins and various accessories to our customers at a fair price, and backed by over 20 years of experience in minting. What makes these coins so popular is the customization involved – they are truly a unique gift item that won’t be tossed aside. No logo or idea is too complex for our artists. We have designed over 19,000 coins over the years and we have the experience to make sure your finished challenge coin project is something you will be proud to distribute. We consistently provide input to our customers as to what will work – and what won’t – to insure total satisfaction upon delivery.

While some fads come and go, challenge coins have reached historic levels of popularity in the last ten years. The amount of personalization and detail that are afforded by the manufacturing process will ensure that they are sought after for years to come. Some of our customers embark on having entire collector sets minted as forms of achievement or group morale boosters.

Camaraderie and a sense of belonging are two of the most enduring attributes that these coins instill. The story behind some of the original military coins was one of a membership test, or “coin check.” On demand, those that were issued a coin were required to present it to the person or persons initiating the ritual. An unfortunate member who failed to display his challenge coin was responsible for a round of drinks for all those in attendance. It paid to carry it at all times – literally.

So how do you get your own custom challenge coins made? Well, it couldn’t be easier at Coins Your Way. We have taken our experience over the years and streamlined the purchasing process so that the end user walks away saying, “That was easy!” We require some type of reference material from your organization. This could be a unit insignia, corporate logo, or a mascot signifying your team or educational institution. Once we have this information, our graphics staff goes to work on showing you exactly what your order will look like when it arrives at your door.

As with any custom made product, there are easier ways than others to produce the end product. We don’t believe in short cuts, or using inferior grade materials. All round coins are minted with 100% brass centers and plated in the precious metal of your choice. Each is shipped in a protective polymer envelope or optional display cases.

Show Your Appreciation

The gift of challenge coins goes a long way in recognizing your deserving team and builds morale throughout the ranks.

Your recipients will be thrilled that their enduring efforts have not gone unrecognized. History shows us that coins are not items that are quickly forgotten, and often kept for generations. Coins Your Way designs and produces lasting coins with care and pride, and along the way provides all the support and service to keep you coming back for more.

Bearers of challenge coins realize their importance and accept that they often emphasize a milestone in a career that is not easily reached. It is for this reason that we take our jobs very seriously. In the end, our name and reputation are on the line every time an order goes out the door. We have had the distinct honor of working with some of the largest military and private companies around the world.

To instill pride to your team or group members often requires bold steps. Prestige found in recognizing significant tasks and accomplishments is directly translated by way of your own custom coins. Keep in mind that they also generate motivation on any level within an organization. The military has shown this to be true for over fifty years with no sign of diminished popularity in sight.

Creating A Teamwork Atmosphere

Today many companies within the corporate world have begun to adopt strategies from the military to instill the same sense of loyalty within their workforce. The use of personalized coins to identify members of a group extends even further into history– beyond the military, providing proof of their universal appeal. Now corporate organizations have discovered the positive impact of using such coins as a way to acknowledge the special talents of a team member.

While compensation is important for members of your organization, monetary rewards alone do not provide the morale support or impetus to continue to pursue excellence that will endure over time. Because of their small size and personal design, challenge coins provide a tangible reminder to an individual of their ability to stand up to a challenge and succeed in attaining a difficult goal.
As an incentive, a challenge coin is coveted for the exclusive recognition it bestows on the receiver, which is unlike any other award that may be given. Because it represents the individual’s merit, this reward can be a catalyst for self-development and a more intense pursuit of superior performance. See some of our notable customers here.

The Importance of Recognition

The organizations with the highest level of achievement understand the important role that recognition plays in the contributions and productivity of its members. Innovation, teamwork and loyalty are encouraged with the knowledge that the individual’s efforts are receiving attention. Your challenge coins provide tangible evidence of your appreciation of their efforts. The return on your investment goes beyond enhanced productivity; it generates a sense of genuine identification with the values of the organization.

You can trust us to help you select the most appropriate material for your challenge coins; we can thoroughly explain the advantages of using hard or soft enamel as well. It’s important to know the qualities that both materials offer to be sure you receive the exact type of coin you want to present. Our creative design team is ready to produce an outstanding signature for your organization; this original keepsake your members will always treasure.

Join the elite group of organizations that use coins to establish team spirit and cooperation between their members in a way that is truly unique and meaningful. Follow in the footsteps of wise military leaders who understood the power of affiliation and used these symbolic coins as one way to reinforce the significance of this ideal.

Provide the members of your organization a constant reminder of their affiliation and entitle them with privileged access to an honored group. Presenting this acknowledgement will benefit your organization in countless ways; tenure of service, a heightened sense of responsibility and loyalty to name just a few. Celebrate the outstanding attributes, principles and skills of your members with uniquely designed custom coins.

This form of recognition is extremely effective and can be tailored to the budget of any size organization. Let us help you to achieve the highest level of performance from your members.